What are your specialties?

I specialize in Driver, Irons and Wedge and I teach every area of the game including short game, long game and putting. I’ve also been a certified club fitter for Taylor Made for 25 years and an ambassador for them for 30 years. I am one of fifty professional members of the National Fitters Council.

What level of student are you willing to teach?

I will take on any level and skill set. I can teach a beginner and I can help an experienced player up their game.

Do you do any online coaching?

No, I will only teach in person.

Where do you teach in Sarasota?

I teach at the Suncoast Golf Center in an air-conditioned studio that opens to the outside. I will also hit off the grass.

Do you use any technology in your instruction?

Yes! I use Trackman and Sam Putt Lab and I also make use of video.

Can you help my irons game?


Can you help my driver game?


I need my grip adjusted. Can you help with that?

Yes, I can adjust a club or a grip on site.

Do you sell clubs or can you help me buy them?

Yes! I can sell them to you through the Suncoast Golf Center and we will beat other sellers prices.

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